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In Arunachal Pradesh, Dirang is situated 42 kms and 142 kms from the district headquarters Bomdila and Tawang respectively, which is much lower height of 1497 meters/4911 feet as compared to Bomdila located at 2700 meters/8858 feet and Tawang at 3048/10000 feet. Thus the weather of Dirang becomes much peaceful, breezy along the river valley making it a very relaxing pleasant Hill Station of North East. The view of Dirang is so beautiful looking like the entire city flourishes by the side of the river Dirang (Dirang Chu locally called) running parallel to the highway, viewing the small and cozy villages sprinkled around the hills, the refined fields, terraces, pine trees and the kiwi gardens. The bone-freezing wind of the Himalayas helps any tourist to fend off for covered in the quintessential halo of Buddhism and the warmth of the local Monpas tribe especially during winter. Even on holidays you could not expect a better place than this because of the amazing landscape, snow-capped mountains, garrulous streams and lush greenery. It will be pleasing your eyes and the pleasurable weather relaxing your mind, body and soul.

Dirang can also be reckoned for ecologist’s delight as the township may act as a support camp for trekking and bird watching at villages like Thembang, Mandala Phudung, Namshu, Lubrang, Morshing, Nyukmadung etc in addition. Surrounded by virgin forest these places are situated on mountain edges high up with slim houses strung far apart. There are some other tourist places too where you can also while having the experiences of Dirang. And those are Shergaon, Chillipam, Bangazan, Tenzingang, and Sella pass. Though these places do not have many amenities for stay but you can have an intrinsic fabulous scenic beauty and an idyllic place to rest for a while.

While Dirang offers you numerous attractions, in short the top 5 places to visiting significance in your Dirang tour which you are not to miss on your tour.

Similar to other places of this route, in Dirang also the hotels / resorts are limited. Recently a new equivalent 4 Star hotel is coming up with more than 50 rooms. Once this will start the place will have sufficient tourist to accommodate in a day.  Let me brief you about the hotels of Dirang below.

HOTEL PEMALING: The finest hotel and with the finest sense of hospitality in the area. The management knows hospitality industry of this hotel very well. A 3 Star equivalent resort with 23 rooms’ inventory is the best places to stay. Roof top restaurant with fantastic scenic view, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food make the resort rating 8 out of 10.

AWOO RESORT: This resort is located in a nice location on the hill and can be rated as the second best resort of Dirang. There are total 19 rooms’ inventory and a pleasing restaurant. I would like to advice the management of this resort to educate the staff regarding hospitality and little cleanliness and renovation is must.  Depending on the availability of resort in the place, any agent can recommend stay in Awoo Resort if there is no availability in Pemaling.

HOTEL SNOWS LION: A deluxe category of hotel which is not known much because of lack of promotion by the management. Staying here will feel you like a home. Location is good and the total inventory is only 9 Rooms. My recommendation that from Standard to Deluxe Plan of packages one can recommend this hotel. It has all basic amenities what the guest look for.

HOTEL SAMDUP-KHANG: This is also equivalent to a Deluxe category of hotel with an inventory of 12 rooms, all basic amenities and restaurant. Few rooms have a very good hill view locations. Again in Standard to Deluxe category of tour plan this hotel can be recommended.

TOURIST LODGE: Just beside Pemaling Resort you will find Tourist Lodge which is government owned but leased by private local. There are only 4 Double Deluxe Room with restaurant and all basic amenities available in the lodge. It can also be rated equivalent to Snow Lion and Samdup-Khang.

NYEZINO RESORT: This resort is situated approx. 25 kms from Dirang and it is a budget category resort. It is situated in an aloof location and one can make arrangement for a night stay when no other availability is found.  Total number of rooms 13 with kitchen facility and in a very wide area the resort is situated.

HOTEL SONAM: This is a budget category of hotel with 12 rooms’ inventory. I have a doubt on the service of the staff to the guest otherwise all other basic facilities are available. In case of non availability of rooms in the area one can recommend the tourist accompanied by their families to this hotel in budget and standard tour packages.

Apart from the above there is hardly any possibility of accommodation in Dirang. But as I told that Bomdila and Dirang is a transit point for those tourist who would like to go to Tawang. And the distance between Bomdila and Dirang is 45 kms approx. So while constructing the tour plan one can keep the transit point in either Bomdila or Dirang. The best will be while going to make one location stay and while returning from makes the other one which will give the opportunity for the tourist not to miss anything for them.

Asad Siddiqui
(Managing Director)

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